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Various national managers from Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and Iran are responsible for taking care of the students’ welfare. All managers are actively at their best to help students adapt to new circumstances and have a successful overseas-language study.


Our Administrative Department is in charge of Administrative affairs such as Visa extension, SSP issuance and E-Money management plus various services related with the students’ life in SMEAG while the Academic Department is in charge of monitoring the students’ attendance, study and test results. Both departments are always at their high-spirits in making students feel comfortable while studying in SMEAG.

SA Teachers

A Student Assistant Teacher also known as SA Teacher is in charge of managing and supporting the students’ studies. All students can consult about their class schedules and relay any concerns related to their studies through their assigned SA Teachers.

R & D

R&D Department, which has a wide experience and specialized skills in the field contributes to students’ English level progression and helps the students reach their study goal through SMEAG’s exclusive special teaching methods and systematic program development.

Kitchen Team

For students’ good health, a cooking team in each campus offers healthy and balanced food menu. To meet the students’ palate for Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines, they make an effort for a continuous menu development and organization.

Emergency Team

In case of emergency situations, from evening until early morning the SMEAG Emergency Team, comprise of a nurse, safety guard and driver, is responsible for students’ safety and health.

Laundry Service

SMEAG provides laundry service which is offered every two days so students can focus on their studies. Students can deposit and claim their washed clothes at a designated laundry room in each campus.

Team Leaders

The Teachers in SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center are divided into various teams. Each team has a Team Leader and each Team Leader manages their assigned members/ teachers. Supervisors and the Academic Director manage and train all Team leaders to perform at their optimum level. All SMEAG teachers are well- trained through a rigorous hiring process and several mock teaching practices before teaching students.


Security guards in all SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center campuses manage the students’ safety in going in and out for 24 hours. Also at the outer vicinity of each campus, local police officers make rounds of inspection in the area and separate guard teams are assigned in full operation.


Each SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center Campuses has an expert nurse, who sees to it that all campuses undergo the health check standard and proper emergency measure to ensure their well-being.