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GAC (The Global Assessment Certificate™) is an internationally- recognized university preparation program for students who are non-native speakers of the English language. Created by of ACT Education Solutions, Limited (a wholly- owned subsidiary of ACT Inc), SMEAG is the sole certified ACT GAC Teaching Center operating in the Philippines.


ACT EAP & EPP are well- systematic and qualified programs developed by ACT-ES. ACT-ES CERTIFICATE will be given when the course is completed.

TAFE ( Techonology And Further Education )
NSW, Southbank, Sunshine, William Angliss

TAFE is the largest vocational education and training provider funded and supported by the government of Australia. It has 1,300 campuses throughout Australia. TAFE has various Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs. Students can earn some credit exemptions upon completion of the TAFE courses. In connection with this, SMEAG has a pathway program with TAFE, so students can enroll in the main course of TAFE without the need of an IELTS score provided they complete SMEAG EAP course.


A large educational foundation trading publicly in Singapore`s stock market with a 29-year history as Singapore’s largest private university having 351 centers operating in 58 countries around the world. Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma, students can be fully admitted to more than 30 universities all around the world.

WonKwang Health Science University

Principled by Won Buddhism, Wonkwang Health Science University incorporates its foundation by offering 26 courses in the 6 college departments; Health and Science, Nursing, Health and Welfare, Hotel and Tourism, Public Services and Practical Arts.

BMC Welding Academy

BMC is a private-owned training center for engineers interested in harnessing their skills in welding. Located in Cebu, Philippines, the center aims to produce many highly- skilled, globally 6G qualified welders. Many of their trained engineers successfully got employed in major countries such as America, Canada and Australia. With an exclusive MOU with BMC, SMEAG runs a recruiting and highly work-practical welding instruction program for Asian engineer apprentices.

Hallym Polytechinic University

In April 1939, Hallym Polytechnic University was established as a “Nursing Training School of Gangwon Provincial Hospital” in Chuncheon. The university was renamed as Hallym Polytechnic University in November, 2011 and offers 21 university courses.

STC ( Saint Theresa's College )

Regarded as one of the best colleges for Liberal Arts in Cebu, STC (Saint Theresa`s College) offers excellent and stable program hence giving their graduates an edge when finding a job over other university graduates. Additionally, students can earn credit exemption when they accomplish an English course collaborated with STC.