About SMEAG > 4 Prides of SMEAG

1. British Council Approved IELTS Testing Venue, IELTS Resource Center

IELTS Testing Venue

  • First private educational institution to be designated as an IELTS testing center by the British Council (accredited in July 2011).
  • SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official IELTS exam in SMEAG’s 2nd. Campus - Classic.

IELTS Resource Center

  • The effective learning space managed by both the British Council and SMEAG Education Center.
  • The Resource Center is well equipped with practice tests, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to help students prepare for the exam.

2. ETS TOEIC Official Testing Center

  • The Philippines’ only Official Testing Venue for TOEIC L/R, TOEIC S/W accredited by ETS (accredited in July 2012).
  • SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official TOEIC exam in SMEAG’s 3rd. Campus - Capital.

3. GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines - The World’s Most Recognized University Preparation Program created by ACT ES

  • GAC students will prepare for the ACT Test and start developing their academic skills such as English/ Mathematics/ Computer / Science / Social Science, all necessary in any university. GAC students can earn up to 39 college credits towards a university degree.
  • Students can enter a Pathway University or any other universities in English-speaking countries with their ACT test score, GAC GPA, IELTS score and a reference letter from the ACT Company.
A superb educational environment Reputable GAC program of ACT ES
GAC is the most internationally recognized university preparation program for incoming foreign university students who are non-native speakers of English SMEAG provides an accumulation of practical academic competence and skills through Global communication with international students composed of Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese. Through this program, GAC graduates will be ready to study in a world-class University with confidence

4. CAMBRIDGE ESOL Official Testing Preparation Center and Official Testing Venue

  • Cambridge ESOL is an affiliated organization of Cambridge University which provides internationally-qualified assessment of English proficiency for non-native speakers. It is one of the most famous English language assessment and ESL instruction providers in the world.
  • In 2008, Cambridge University celebrated their 150th year Anniversary.
  • Owing to its highly-standardized measurement of the English proficiency, over 4 million individuals who are studying English, especially instructors, take Cambridge ESOL test yearly.
  • What makes the Cambridge ESOL certificate really exceptional is that it is highly-recognized and accepted by more than 12,000 multi-national companies, educational institutions, and government agencies worldwide.
  • Thus, it is regarded as ‘Highly-qualified International English Proficiency Certification’. Students can study the Cambridge Exam Course and take the official Cambridge exam here in SMEAG (First official exam was held in May 2013).