Campus Life > Daily Schedule

A morning Sparta class will keep students enthusiastic for the grinding day ahead

What’s the best way to start a day of pure learning and fun? Spell it… B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T!!

Time to exercise your tongue through speaking class and practice familiarizing English with the listening class!

Time is allotted for a short break in SMEAG’s cozy student area before starting the next class

Anyone can be a poet as good as Shakespeare with SMEAG’s talented 1:1 reading and writing teachers

Hearty, healthy and sumptuous lunch is provided to fuel learners for another stretch of enlightening study

Optional Classes is for time to break the ice and learn interactively with other foreign classmates!

Freshen up and replenish your depleted energy with simple exercise at the Gym in school

Share ideas with the use of English expressions together with other classmates in a small group class

This is a time to relax and be updated with current affairs through web browsing

On the spot inquiry will be answered on the spot by our intelligent and fluent teachers

What better way to satisfy a hungry stomach after a long tedious day of learning than a meal served by our best cooks and staff, of course!

Be entertained with the active classes led by our talented bunch of Sparta specialists and inspire yourself to use English anytime of the day

Cap-off the day with leisure activities such as watching movies, exercise and chat time with friends “in English"

Enjoy a deep slumber and invigorate yourself in our campuses’ luxuriously- furnished rooms to prepare for another learning adventure the following day