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5 Levels of General English Proficiency Test
developed by Cambridge ESOL
  • ESOL qualification is accepted in more than 12,000 businesses, learning centers and government institutions worldwide
  • Cambridge examinations acceptably conform to the standards of language use of Common European Framework of Reference consisting of 6 levels starting from a beginner level which is labeled as A1 whereas C2 as the highest level. The test has five levels and the results will be appraised methodologically

SMEAG Cambridge Exam Preparation

Professional Teachers for each module

  • SMEAG carefully assigns professionally trained and highly-qualified teachers for each module (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, use of English) and rigidly trains them for their specialized module so that they can teach, instruct and deliver fundamental skills and vital information of the ESOL examinations to the students

The first and sole Cambridge preparation course in the Philippines

  • SMEAG actively operates and offers intensive Cambridge courses primarily based in the Philippines and is located near the sole official ESOL testing venue, CIE

Regular Training/Official Test

  • SMEAG regularly acquires thorough enhancement trainings from the only ESOL testing center, CIE
  • Additionally, SMEAG Cambridge teachers readily take the official ESOL test thus gaining hands-on knowledge of the recent trends of ESOL test and directly impart it to the students

Offering the newest Cambridge material

  • Students who are taking Cambridge courses can gain full access to all the newest and latest Cambridge materials in SMEAG