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TOEIC is an English language test designed specifically
to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment

SMEAG TOEIC Cebu Philippines
  • Over 10,000 organizations in 120 countries throughout the world use the TOEIC Test. Around 540 million people take the test every year to determine who can be promoted or qualified for an overseas business tour

1. Test Format

Questions Part Test Content No. of Questions Time Points
Listening Comprehension 1 Photograph Descriptions 10 100 45min 495 points
2 Question - Response 30
3 Short Conversations 30
4 Short Talks 30
Reading Comprehension 5 Incomplete Short Sentences ( Grammar, Vocabulary ) 10 100 75min 495 points
6 Incomplete Long Sentence 30
  • 1st Passage
  • 2nd Passage


  • Time : 20 Minutes
  • Questions: There are 11 questions
  • Skills assessed
    • 1. Ability to communicate easily with native or non-native English speakers
    • 2. Ability to communicate in a day-to-day basis or can choose the appropriate response for business communication
    • (e.g. give instructions, giving/receiving information or explanation, purchasing, greeting, introduction, etc.)
    • 3. Ability to maintain communication skills in a general business situation
Questions Tasks No. of Questions Preparation time Response Time
Questions 1 ~ 2 Read a text aloud 2 45 sec 45 sec
Questions 3 Describe a picture 1 30 sec 45 sec
Questions 4 ~ 6 Respond to questions 3 No preparation time 15 ~ 30 sec
Questions 7 ~ 9 Respond to questions using information provided 3 No preparation time ( Passage reading time 30 sec ) 15 ~ 30 sec
Questions 10 Propose a solution 1 30 sec 60 sec
Questions 11 Express an opinion 1 15 sec 60 sec


  • Time: 60 Min
  • Questions: There are 8 questions
  • Skills assessed
    • 1. Ability to use appropriate vocabulary and proper grammar when writing sentences
    • 2. Ability to write sentences with appropriate grammar in conveying information, questions, instructions, stories, etc
    • 3. Ability to write multiple paragraphs to express complex ideas and reasons
Questions Tasks No. of Questions Time
Questions 1 ~ 5 Write a sentence based on a picture 5 8 Minutes
Questions 6 ~ 7 Respond to a written request 2 Total 20 Minutes, Each Question 10 minutes
Questions 8 Write an opinion essay 1 Total 30 Minutes

2. The field and boundary of questions

  • With the proper contents in the international business setting, situations related with business or necessary tasks in everyday life and the local culture are included
  • TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests are valid assessments of “English-language Speaking” and “English-language Writing” (They do not require any knowledge of specialized business terms)
Category Particulars
Professional business Contract negotiations, marketing, sales, business planning, meeting
Manufacturing Plant management, assembly lines, quality control
Financial and Budget Banking, investment, tax, accounting, billing
Research & Development Research, product development
General Office Cabinet meetings, committees, letters, memos, phone, fax, E-mail, office equipment and furniture
HR Classifieds, recruitment, retirement, salary, promotion, employment support and introduction of one’s self
Housing / Property Management Architecture, design, purchase and rental, electricity and gas services
Travel Train, plane, taxi, boat, cruise, tickets, schedule, station, airport assistance, car rental, hotels, reservations, cancelling reservations

3. Standards of Evaluation

  • Test responses are sent through ETS On-Line Scoring Network and scored by certified ETS raters
  • Test results are indicated on a scale between 0~200 (10 score unit)
  • Speaking Test ( 1 ~ 8 Level ), Writing Test ( 1 ~ 9 Level )

Speaking Test
Questions Evaluation Criteria
Questions 1 ~ 2 Pronunciation, Intonation and Stress
Questions 3 Pronunciation, Intonation & Stress, Grammar, Vocabulary and Cohesion
Questions 4 ~ 6 Pronunciation, Intonation & Stress, Grammar, Vocabulary, Cohesion, Relevance of content and Completeness of content
Questions 7 ~ 11 Pronunciation, Intonation & Stress, Grammar, Vocabulary, Cohesion, Relevance of content and Completeness of content

Writing Test
Questions Evaluation Criteria
Questions 1 ~ 5 Grammar, Relevance of the sentence to the pictures
Questions 6 ~ 7 Quality and variety of sentences, Vocabulary and Organization
Questions 8 Whether the opinion is supported with proper reasons and/or examples (Grammar, Vocabulary, Organization)

4. Evaluation Process

  • To check Rating conditions on the evaluation day, certified ETS raters should take Calibration Test
  • TOEIC S&W raters should again evaluate randomly the selected response contents among existing evaluated response contents through Calibration Test and if their evaluation results are equal or over a regular level, they can join the Rating on the evaluation day

5. Testing Method

  • TOEIC Speaking is ETS Computer-based test (CBT)
  • Questions are transmitted through ETS authenticated network center. Unlike the existing TOEIC TEST, a paper-based approach, Test takers record a voice or input their answers on the computer while taking the test
  • With CBT method, test takers’ responses are recorded by efficient, standard and fairways and then feedback can be given after the test