Registration Procedure > Procedure

Step 1. Agency Counseling

  • You will have a counseling session with one of our hospitable agencies nearest. This SMEAG agency will guide you on what you will need in order to prepare for your English studies overseas
  • SMEAG will help you from processing the application to your departure

Step 2. Registration and Invoice Issuance

  • Apply for admission through the agency. The invoice will be issued within 5 days after paying the admission fee of US $100

Step 3. Passport Confirmation and Booking a Flight

  • Check the expiration date of your passport and make sure that the term of validity is more than 6 months. Prepare copies of your passport and extra passport photos in case of emergency
  • Book your flight according to the study period. We suggest you to arrive 1 or 2 days before your first day at SMEAG

Step 4. Payment of School Tuition

  • Check the expenses of tuition fee and dormitory fee. Please read our education center regulation and refund policy. Make a payment of the tuition fee 2 weeks before the start of your study period
  • Be sure to complete the payment before the due date or your application will be canceled

Step 5. Buying a Plane Ticket

  • Purchase a plane ticket when the payment for the tuition fee is completed by checking available seats
  • Make sure to check if your English name matches the English spelling on your passport

Step 6. Orientation Before Departure

  • Visit the agency and attend the orientation before you leave

Step 7. Final Preparation for Departure

  • VISA, no-visa entry is available for 21 days in the Philippines. (you may apply for a 59 day visa)
    • SMEAG will help you with your visa application when you arrive in the Philippines with a no-visa entry
    • Visit our website’s main page [Study Registration Procedure] -> [Training Course fee] for more details on the amount you will need to pay once you arrive
  • Exchange / Creating an International Cash Card
    • Exchange some money ahead (the best currency rate is to exchange your money to US $100)
    • Make an international cash card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it
  • You may also bring a credit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it
  • International Student Insurance, We recommend you apply for this insurance since medical expenses are pricy for international students in the Philippines
  • ( You may apply for it individually or inquire at your agency )
  • Others
    • Prepare useful personal things belongings like such as electronic dictionary, books, sun block, cap, clothes, swimsuit, toiletries, medicines, camera, towel, etc

Step 8. Departure

  • You should arrive at least 3 hours before the schedule. Double check your E-Ticket, passport and the weight of your baggage

Step 9. Entry

  • Avoid purchasing tax-free goods. It may be charged with an extra tax according to the price of the product

Step 10. Pick-Up

  • Proceed out of the airport building after passing through immigration; you will meet one of our SMEAG managers holding a SMEAG placard