Registration Procedure > Refund Policy

Article 1, The Registration and Extensions Provisions

  • There will be a one time non-refundable $100 registration fee.
  • 5 days ( excluding legal holidays ) after the application, an invoice will be presented. The tuition and dormitory fees must be paid in full at least two weeks before the start of the enrollment.
  • SMEAG's minimum registration period of 4 weeks.
  • In case of an extension, students must inform the administration office and apply at least 4 weeks in advance of their graduation date. Payment must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the first day of the extension. Failure to pay their tuition fee 2 weeks in advance will result in an automatic cancellation of their application.

Article 2, The Refund Policy

  • Pre-departure
    • - Students may receive a full refund if they cancel at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled departure date. However, the registration fee will not be refunded.
    • - 2 weeks ~ 4 days prior to scheduled departure date : A full refund will be given for the course fee. However, 2 weeks will be deducted from the dormitory fee.
    • - 3 days prior to scheduled departure date : One week will be deducted from the entire course fee. However, 4 weeks will be deducted from the dormitory fee.
    Category Registration Fee Dormitory Fee Course Fee
    14 days prior No refund Full refund Full refund
    14 days ~ 4 days prior No refund Two weeks deducted from the full refund Full refund
    3 days prior No refund Four weeks deducted from the full refund One week deducted from the full refund

  • After departure
    • - There are no refunds if the remaining of stay is less than 50% of the entire contract.
    • - SMEAG will refund in a 4 week basis
    •   ( i.e : remaining period - 10 weeks -> refundable period 8 weeks )
    • - Refunds will be given within 30 days via the agency in the student's country ( SSP and Registration fee not included )
    • - If a student misses class without prior notice within the first three weeks of enrollment, no fund will be given
    • - If a student has less than 4 weeks left to stay, no refund will be given upon request of early departure
    Cancellation request period Tuition refund Dormitory
    Within 50% of scheduled stay 60% 60% In case of inevitable circumstances (ex: Student's illness, immediate family's death, etc.) SMEAG will refund 50% of the student's tuition cost regardless of the notice date
    ( Medical certificate will be required )
    After 50% of
    scheduled stay
    No refund No refund

Article 3, Disclaimers

  • SMEAG or its agents shall not be liable for canceled or extended flight schedules due to a natural disaster
  • SMEAG is not liable for any accidents outside of its premises whether or not the student has a class
  • SMEAG is not liable for damage of property during travel
  • Classes are held 5 days a week. However, SMEAG will not compensate for Philippines holidays, temporary holiday and special holidays
  • Authority of Exchange rate and tax increases : SMEAG has the authority to change its prices to adhere to the 10%
    ( 6 months ) exchange rate and tax increase in accordance with the relevant laws of the Philippines goverment
  • SMEAG has the right to expel students who break the rules and regulations of the school. Students who have truancies, warnings, commit acts of violence, have bad attitudes, or anything thereof to prevent a positive academic atmosphere will be a ground of expulsion